E-smog protection products – Harmonisation chips Protection from E-Smog ?

Statement of the AEB e.V. (Working Group Electro-Biology) – by Dr. Claus Scheingraber

First of all, the Working Group Electro-Biology (AEB) has been dealing with electro-smog protection products such as harmonisers, transformers and converters for almost 30 years. In the process, the AEB had to establish that in the majority of cases there was no effect on the users, sometimes a positive effect could actually be established and unfortunately there was also a worsening of the health situation after using the products! The question arose, why is this so?

The problem lies in the difference between energy, power effect and information! Mostly the socalled e-smog protection products are called harmonisation products because the distributors of these products claim that their “chips” are able to cancel the biological effect of electromagnetic radiation without changing the physical field itself.

These e-smog protection products can also be called “technical homeopathy” because only information is transmitted, comparable to classical homeopathy. A ruptured appendix cannot be cured with homeopathy because the intestinal contents cause a deadly infection in the abdominal cavity. Only surgery and antibiotic therapy can save the patient’s life. E-smog protection products can give you a perceived improvement in your health, but they do not give you real protection against physical environmental pollution, i.e. electrosmog.

The big problem is that many people – unfortunately also many experts – do not know or have not understood the difference between energy, the effect of force and information. The basic statement applies that you cannot cancel or delete the effect of energy or the effect of force on charge carriers with information. We all know that microwaves can transmit energy because of the microwave oven! A practical example may clarify this for you. Please try to neutralise the effect of a microwave oven with any e-smog protection product. You will not find any e-smog protection product that can do that! Working Group Electro-Biology has been looking for the neutralising effect of e-smog protection products for 30 years and has not discovered it yet. So you can see how dubious the claim is that one can protect oneself sustainably from electrosmog with these e-smog protection products.

But why do some people who are exposed to e-smog still feel an improvement in their life situation, why do symptoms occasionally disappear? Electro- and field physics can provide clarification here. Many people believe that with non-ionising waves only the intensity (product of electric and magnetic field strength) is causal for the biological effect. Unfortunately, this is fundamentally wrong! The dose – the biological effect – is in turn the product of intensity x time and is a major factor in the bioburden of electromagnetic waves. However, the following factors, which also have an important influence on biological compatibility, are still not taken into account from a scientific point of view!

  • Intensity = power flux density: (W/m²)
  • Frequency: (Hz)
  • Wavelength: (m, cm, mm)
  • Frequency bandwidth: (kHz, MHz)
  • Modulation form and type: (pulsed, unpulsed)
  • Pulse rate: (Hz) Polarisation: (vertical – horizontal)
  • Rate of rise of the signal: (edge steepness)
  • Penetration depth into the body: (absorption capacity)
  • Mixing of different radio and microwave techniques (with each frequency mixing, two new frequency bands are always formed above and below the difference of the oscillator frequency with the mixing frequency).

As you can see, in addition to the main factor of dose (intensity x time), 10 other factors are known to date that can be responsible for the harmfulness of an electromagnetic wave or a low-frequency field, and we do not yet know whether we already know all the factors that are responsible for a biological effect.

If one carries out an information transfer with an e-smog protection product, one can exert a modulating influence on some of the listed factors. This can actually lead to an improvement of the well-being or abatement of symptoms in sensitised people. However, since neither the force effect nor the energy of a field can be cancelled out by this, the effect of an e-smog protection product under the influence of a field is only of a minor and mostly temporary nature!

A comparison with classical homeopathy is very appropriate, because Dr Hahnemann, the discoverer of classical homeopathy, writes at the beginning of his book Organon that the causes of a disease must be eliminated if homeopathy is to be used successfully.

So, for example, if someone has acquired mercury exposure through amalgam fillings or other means, then administering a high-potency form of Hg is of little help. If there is any effect at all, it is not long lasting. Hg exposure must first be demonstrably (clinically-chemically) eliminated from the body, then the mercury symptoms can be successfully alleviated with homeopathy.

Transferred to “technical homeopathy”, this means that the cause – the physical field – must first be eliminated or at least significantly reduced before any “success” can be achieved with e-smog protection products!

E-smog protection products therefore have at best a “pain pill” character, they provide a sufferer with relief from the discomfort for a short time, but do absolutely nothing in terms of eliminating the causes!

The positive effect of e-smog protection products can even become downright dangerous for those affected when field pollution seems to have been eliminated. However, the pathogenic field effects are still present and the affected person only notices the consequences of the field exposure when a disease has broken out. For some diseases, however, curative therapy often comes too late!

The quintessence of the statements can be summarised as follows: “If the prerequisite for the effectiveness of an e-smog protection product is the elimination or reduction of the physical field, this means that harmonisation chips are unnecessary because after field-reducing measures the complaints usually subside by themselves“.